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Promote Beauty With Promotional Products

When I was a girl, my mother’s hairdresser used to hand out rain bonnets in little plastic cases printed with the name of her shop. Do you know it’s been over 40 years but I still recall how special I felt when Millie tucked one into my hand so I could keep my hairdo fresh in the rain? And I still remember her name.

Are you looking for ways to stretch the advertising budget for your beauty salon, hair shop or barber shop? There are dozens of promotional products and business gifts that are ideal for promoting beauty and grooming businesses in a variety of ways. Promotional products are a great way to advertise your business for a number of reasons.

Millie’s rain bonnets worked so well because they followed the two main rules of using promotional products and items effectively.

Choose promotional products that reflect your business. Choose promotional products that your customers will use.

What sort of promotional products are appropriate for a beauty shop? Printed pens and coffee mugs don’t quite do the trick. Small sample sizes of the products that you use in your shop are certainly useful, and they do reflect your business. They’re a great way to increase the sales of those products, which are a valuable income stream for your shop – but they don’t meet the third test of an effective promotional product:

Choose promotional products that can be imprinted with your shop name.

Part of your purpose in handing out promotional products to your customers is to increase name recognition of your business. By choosing items that can be imprinted with your business name and telephone number, you put your name in front of your customers every time they use your gift. Here’s a list of just a few of the promotional products that could work as advertising for your beauty business.

Manicure sets are an ideal business giveaway for a beauty shop, especially if part of your trade is manicures. They come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges to suit any budget, most of which have printable cases. They’re certainly something that your customers will use often, and every time they do, they’ll be reminded of you.

Compacts and makeup mirrors are another popular giveaway for your beauty-based business. Like manicure sets, they’re useful to your customers and come in many different styles and price levels.

Lip balms, hand soaps and lotions can be bought in promotional tubes or tins imprinted with your name and contact info. Handy purse size products are ideal for promotions, because they can be carried along with your customer. Not only does this make them more useful to your customers, it makes them more visible and offers more exposure for your shop.

Cosmetic bags with your shop name on them are yet another popular promotional product for beauty-based businesses. Whether you sell beauty products or use them in your business, your customers will appreciate a handy way to carry their cosmetics and makeup. The printing on the bag will keep your name and number handy so you’re the first thought they have when it’s time to make another appointment.

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