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Why Use Product Promotions?

We all know that one of the most important parts of advertising is getting your name out to prospective customers – but why use product promotions for that purpose instead of a different method?

Product promotions offer a different way to get your name and company's product or service out to those people that are the most receptive to your marketing. Instead of aiming your advertising at a very large group – for instance, with a billboard or other printed material, you can choose to use a product for your promotion that will get into the hands of those who are your potential clients. This can include, but is not limited to, getting products created that are used by only one industry – such as tape measures for carpentry, as an example.

It is obvious that product promotions are popular. Everyday, you can go through a city or town and see these promotional items being used as essentially free advertising.

Why use product promotions? Just for that reason. While you may have to spend some money on the purchase of the promotional products, you can easily get more than their value back in advertising. A tote bag with your company's name on it, used at a grocery store, can get your name and contact information to many different people in just a few minutes.

While product promotions can be great for targeting specific clients, they can be just as good for expanding your customer base. By putting your name on a product that will be seen by many people or possibly used by many, you can get potential customers to learn about you without having to target that specific group. This can work well for t-shirts or any other larger promotional item that will be seen by a crowd once the recipient uses it.

A final answer to the question of “why use product promotions” is the fact that products are a much longer lasting form of advertisement than is a commercial or print ad. People can turn off a television or throw away a flier, but they are less likely to put a durable good in the garbage. The duration of the advertisement available on promotional items is much longer than other forms of ads or commercials.

Get your information and logo printed on a pen, a Frisbee or a tote bag. No matter which type of product you choose for your promotion, product promotions are a great way to get yourself out there into the world of consumers.

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