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Seasonal Promotional Items – Think Beyond the Holidays

One of the easiest ways to come up with new promotions for your business or organisation is to time your promotional items and business gifts with the seasons.

Holidays are always good times for launching promotions, but there’s more to the season than special occasions. If you pick promotional items that appeal to people during specific times of the year, you’ll find that you get a much higher response rate than if you just send out generic promo gifts.

Here are some ideas for taking advantage of specific seasons with your promotions. New Years Promotions Everyone is turning over a new leaf after the holidays – a new leaf on the calendar that is.

Calendars are one of the best promotional items for the turn of the year - but bear in mind that you won’t be the only one sending imprinted calendars to your customers in December. Make them stand out by choosing unique calendars, or by taking the idea a step further. You might choose Year-at-a-glance planners, or promotional desk blotter appointment calendars, for instance.

Spring Break Spring break, and the schools are on holiday? Cater to the fun spirit with “fun” promotional items that will appeal to the desire of people to cast off the winter and enjoy the newly bright springtime weather. Think outside the box – a bank might hand out packets of seeds imprinted with the message “Your savings will grow with us”, for example.

Holiday Travel What appeals to people in the summer? The beginning of summer is a great time for promotional items that appeal to people traveling. Promotional tote bags and luggage tags will be a welcome gift for your customers. You can choose promotional items that appeal to the practical side like first aid or auto emergency kits, or be whimsical with printed Frisbees or sun visors.

Back to School As the holidays wind down, students prepare to return to school. There are literally hundreds of ways that your promotional items can tie in to returning to the books. This is the ideal time for your store to give away printed rulers, sell notebooks with your club logo or offer promotional USB drives to those who spend above a certain level in your back to school sales. It’s also a great time for a “One last summer fling” promotion.

Local Promotions Don’t forget the special occasions in and around your area. Look for opportunities to tie your promotional items and advertising campaigns back to your community. In a seaside community, you might sell or give away beach towels imprinted with your logo, for example.

If your town is celebrating a centennial, your promotional items might include a centennial t-shirt printed with a congratulatory message from your company.

Seasonal promotional items and promotional products let you take advantage of your customers’ needs and play on their hopes for the season.

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